“Through activism, artists can develop a profound, unique voice by learning how to aid and encourage others—which will transcend into our art. By discovering the meaning behind our work, the art we create becomes richer, and impacts the world we live in.” — Kayla Zanakis

In the fall of 2017, I created a Hurricane Relief Drive to aid those affected by Hurricane Maria. Many of us are so invested in our hectic lives in the city that we forget there is a greater community outside of the Manhattan bubble. When I walked through the doors of Tisch and saw boxes filled with first aid supplies and other items for our neighboring country, my heart was filled with an indescribable joy. I felt grateful to be a part of a community that was giving back and helping those in need. 

This led me to create ARTISTS IN ACTION, a service organization that unites the Tisch community to give back by supporting domestic and international needs. We have partnered with other organizations such as the Bowery Mission, the Bowery Residents Committee, and WIN. In spring of 2019, Artists in Action created a feminine hygiene product drive to raise awareness of the luxury tax on tampons and pads in over thirty states in the U.S. and were able to create over 150 tampon/pad kits to give to the women at the Bowery Residents Committee. 

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Artists In Action

Tisch Drama Student Launches Hurricane Relief Drive

President Service Award