Kayla Zanakis had the opportunity to sit down with SHESOURCES, an online magazine highlighting women in power roles in the entertainment industry. Kayla discusses her new show, OneIronaut, and how the arts can perservere in a pandemic. Click on the text for the full interview. Or Click here.



The Outer Loop Announces ONEIRONAUT: An International, 24-Hour, Immersive Theater Experience

The Outer Loop is joined by Kayla Zanakis, an NYU Tisch alum and the brilliant mind behind OneIronaut. As a writer, producer, co-director, and actor for the show, she has stepped up to the plate, in order to give artists a platform to continue doing the work they love.

"Now more than ever, we should be creating, innovating, and connecting with other artists in a time that feels so disconnected," Zanakis said. " It gives us hope. It's a way to express ourselves and use our voice in even the most uncertain moments of life."

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Michael Herman, Emily Vitrano, and Kayla Zanakis from The Outer Loop Theater Experience chat with us about their upcoming immersive virtual show, OneIronaut on Sept 12th. Interview starts at 30 minute mark