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Apr.29th, 2021

I'm a part of Permafrost Theatre Collective and currently a producer on their newest show, The High Priestess. Check out their website here


Feb.4th, 2021

I joined Ashes Artist Collective and was in their independent pilot, Mid-Shift, check out some BTS shots in the gallery. 

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VO Demo Lindt Commercial
VO Demo Maybelline Commercial
VO Spanish Commercial Demo

Trained at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Kayla has acted in Shakespeare plays at the Shanghai Theater Institute to an independent television pilot, all while producing and writing her own material. 


During Kayla's time at NYU, she trained at the Meisner Studio and worked with Slava Dolgachev, the Artistic Director of the Moscow Arts Theater, on a production featuring Chekhov's iconic works, with Kayla playing Masha in Three Sisters. She also created a three-tier activism organization called Artists in Action, dedicated to giving back to the community and supporting domestic and international needs. Kayla trained at Stonestreet Studios for Film and Television.

Most recently, Kayla created, produced, co-directed, acted, and was the head writer for OneIronaut, with the Outer Loop Theater Experience. OneIronaut was a 24-hour immersive, international, interactive cyber-stage experience. Kayla led over 60 artists over the production period. 


When not on camera or onstage, this native from Miami can be seen diving and exploring shipwrecks off the coast, along with painting portraits of her closest friends and speaking Spanglish with her family. 


Ted Quinn in Arthur Miller's The American Clock. For more photos, look below.


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