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Fall 2016- Spring 2019

The American Clock

WRITER | Arthur Miller

DIRECTOR | Nate Flower

MUSIC DIRECTOR | Deidre Friel (Physical)

FEATURING | Olivia Basile, Meade Morrison, Zoë Kaye Oliver, Dean Scotti, Katie Kane, Giorgia Valenti, Cat Heinen,

Glori Dei Filippone (Becky Nurse of Salem)

Richard III

WRITER | William Shakespeare

DIRECTOR | Gisela Cardenas

FEATURING | Lily Mannon, Rebecca Hamner, Blessid Ogedebe,

Katie Kane, Dean Scotti

Three Sisters

WRITER | Anton Chekhov

DIRECTOR | Slava Dolgachev (Moscow Arts Theatre Director)

FEATURING | Dean Scotti, Lily Mannon, Rebecca Hamner, Julian James, Blessid Ogedebe

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