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this old haunt

Fort Salem Theatre

Summer 2022

MUSIC & LYRICS | Maggie Marie Rodgers

BOOK | SMJ ('22 Dramatist Guild Playwrighting Fellow)

MUSIC DIRECTION | Matthew Zweibel

DIRECTOR | Rebecca Wahls (John Wells Directing Fellow)

DRAMATURG | Juju Nieto

FEATURING | Rita Castagna, Ceara Ledwidth, Brittany Martz

HISTORY | This is Kayla's first time performing in a musical after her collegiate experience.

SUMMARY | Ten years after high school, Hetty, Selina, Caroline, and Penelope reunite following the passing of their choir teacher. In a cabin in the woods, old memories and past selves are summoned.

ADDITIONALLY | This show went on to have an academic premiere at Carnegie Mellon University in the fall of 2022. 

Photos by Michael Hatzel

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