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Outer Loop Theatre Experience

Fall 2020

WRITERS | Kayla Zanakis, Geoffrey Glenn, Zoë Kaye-Oliver, Joel Ottenheimer, Louis Rodriguez, Emily Vitrano, Caroline Williamson

DIRECTORS | Emily Vitrano, Kayla Zanakis

FEATURING | Kayla Zanakis, Sam Rothermel, Rica de Ocampo, Yvonne Jessica Pruitt, Gavin Struempler, John Drea, Felicity Jolly,

Carmo Bebiano

HISTORY | This show marked Kayla's first time writing, directing, producing, and acting in her own theatre piece in collaboration with The Outer Loop Theatre Experience, in a time when theatre was incredibly scarce. This production was a 24-hour, international, virtually-immersive, interactive experience with alternating casts 

SUMMARY | After the government catches wind
of a whistleblower, they kidnap 5 suspects and implant false
memories to probe their subconscious. The suspects believe
they’re in a support group for people who can’t dream.

ADDITIONALLY | Read Kayla's interview with SHESOURCES on making One Ironaut

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