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Ars Nova | Emerging Leader in Theatre
Marketing/ Graphic Design  

In 2022, I was chosen for Ars Nova's selective Emerging Leaders in Theatre Group, where I supported the discovery, development, and launch of over 30 unique theatrical productions of their Spring season. 


 I altered graphics for the ANT(All New Talentt) Fest launch.


The All New Talent Festival encompasses fifteen one-night shows and a comedy special in two weeks. I created an advertisement for the Broadway Briefing, and adjusted assets to fit in e-blasts that would be sent to over 60,000 subscribers and for the Ars Nova Supra streaming service.

antfest broadway briefing v4.png

I assisted in designing the MOGOArts Campaign for Ars Nova's Spring 2022 Production

Heather Christian’s Oratorio for Living Things (New York Times Critics Pick)

728X90 MOGO ARTS.png
300x600 MOGOARTS.png

PlayCo | Marketing Assistant  

Grapeseed Campaign for PlayCo's Spring 2023 Production

Lunch Bunch (New York Times Critics Pick)

Grapeseed 300 X 600.png
Grapeseed 250x250.png
Grapeseed 300x600.png
Grapeseed 468x60.png
Grapeseed 320x50.png
Grapeseed 970x250.png
Grapeseed 300x50.png
Grapeseed 320x50.png
Grapeseed 728x90.png
Grapeseed 468x60.png
Grtapeseed 336 x 280.png
Grapeseed 320x50.png

As part of the marketing campaign for Lunch Bunch,  PlayCo collected favorite recipes from cast, staff, and audience members.


I designed these recipe cards so they can be assembled into a cookbook that was gifted to The Bronx Defenders, a public defender nonprofit that is radically transforming how low-income people in the Bronx are represented in the justice system and whose lunch bunch inspired the show!

A few samples are below.

MJ Recipe Card Front.png
Thịt Kho Trứng Recipe Front.png
Lunch Bunch Recipe Card Back side copy (1).png
Olivia Saucy Scampi Recipe Card Front.png
Tala Recipe Card Front.png

Grapeseed Campaign for PlayCo's Fall 2023 Production

9 Kinds of Silence

D3 Grapeseed 160x600 (1).png
9KoS Grapeseed 300x600.png
D2 9KoS Grapeseed 336x280.png
Grapeseed 970x250.png
9KoS Grapeseed 336x280.png

9 Kinds of Silence was a Universal Play Commission by PlayCo and Abhishek Majumdar's NYC premiere and world premiere of his new play.

9KoS 468 x 60.png

Freelance Faves

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 4.png
Artboard 3.png
Artboard 2.png
The Office.png
Missouri Business-min.png
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